Organizers of large events with more than 100 people in attendance are being encouraged to begin their application process with the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport.
According to a statement from Minister Olivia Grange’s office that was released Thursday (June 24), the Ministry will provide guidance and support to event organizers before a final submission is made to the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management; the entity that grants permission for events to take place.
Minister Grange is also advising event organizers to begin putting in a structure to observe all the necessary protocols to host events.
Meanwhile, organizers of small events, defined as activities with a maximum of 100 people in total, will be allowed to make applications for permits as they normally would through their local authorities, who will work with them to ensure that the protocols are in place for a safe event.
Mask wearing, hand sanitization, and social distancing are all a part of the safety protocols that partygoers and promoters must adhere to.
As of July 1, the government will lift the ban on entertainment events such as outdoor concerts, parties, round robins, festivals, community events, corporate mixers, as well as handing-over and groundbreaking ceremonies.