Doja Cat X Profile Hacked


Doja Cat took to her Instagram yesterday to inform her fans that her “Twitter” account was hacked.

Yesterday, a post on Doja Cat’s X account fired shots at Iggy Azalea, imploring fans to buy Doja’s music instead of Azalea’s.

The post contained a few derogatory words aimed at Azalea, referring to her as stupid.

The “Paint the Town Red” rapper’s profile picture has since disappeared from the app, with a community note later being added.

The note read, “Doja Cat’s account has been hacked, so this tweet is not real.”

Iggy seemed to have figured out what happened to her fellow rapper and tweeted that she was “cool with that girl in real life.”

Iggy also had a few words for the hackers, stating that she observed they (the hackers) have been hacking other female celebrities’ accounts to attack her due to their alleged “fixation” on her, without considering that she may know and interact with those persons in real life.