This weekend, friends and family of DMX said their final goodbyes.

A memorial service for the late rapper was held in Brooklyn on Saturday, strictly for close friends and family members since the Barclay’s Center can only host 10% of their usual capacity due to the pandemic.

Hours before the ceremony, the Ruff Ryders were out in their numbers as X’s casket was taken to the Barclay’s Center in a monster truck with “Long Live DMX” written on the side. The Ruff Ryders bike crew followed behind the monster truck during the massive motorcade.

Speakers at the memorial included Swizz Beatz and Nas, as well as all of DMX’s 15 children, who rapped and spoke about their father. During their tear-jerking presentation, his children said that their father taught them important lessons such as “always say thank you,” and, “be kind to everyone” and that being afraid can sometimes show a person how to be brave.

Kanye West and Busta Rhymes were among the big names who attended the two-hour ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York. West’s Sunday Service Choir kicked off the ceremony with a gospel performance, performing, “Excellent, Keep On Moving, Ultra Light Beam” and Whitney Houston’s assisted vocals on the hymn, “Jesus Loves Me”.

In recognition of DMX’s life, the New York State Senate has declared DMX’s birthday (December 18) as “Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons Day”.