Diplo facing Criminal Charges over Sexual Misconduct allegations


Diplo could face criminal charges over sexual misconduct allegations by a 25-year-old woman, it has been reported.

According to reports, the 42-year-old EDM artist may face charges of invasion of privacy and intentionally giving someone a sexually transmitted infection.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office said it was considering charging Diplo over a report filed to the LAPD by an unidentified 25-year-old woman in October 2020.

He’s is accused of recording sexually explicit videos of the woman without consent, distributing at least one without her permission and knowingly infecting her with chlamydia.

These allegations are also detailed in a request she filed for a temporary restraining order and in a civil lawsuit earlier this year.

Back in 2020, the female accuser claimed that Diplo had distributed revenge porn. She was subsequently granted a protective order, which banned Diplo from posting any images of the woman online after an explicit photo of her emerged on Twitter. He was also ordered to delete any photos he had shared previously.

Diplo later sought his own restraining order against the woman, with his lawyer maintaining his innocence and insisting that it was the alleged victim who had been “harassing” the artist in the first place.