DDG and Halle Bailey Finally Reveal Baby Halo’s Face


American rapper DDG and his beau, Halle Bailey, finally revealed their baby’s face to the world!

Yesterday (July 3), DDG took to his social media to post pictures of his family and asked fans who, “Halo look like more?”.

As much as this was a shock to most fans, they were quick to chime in and say who Halo looked like. DDG, however, did not like some of the responses to his question.

One fan tweeted, “Halle… YOU ARE THE FATHER.”

DDG posted a side-by-side photo of his younger self with Halo’s current photo to show the resemblance.

The couple welcomed Halo late last year after “The Little Mermaid” actress spent months relentlessly trying to hide her baby bump and made the announcement in January.

The couple recently shared a video of Halo cooing the word “Dada” after Mom and Dad encouraged him to say his first word.