Davianah lashes out at Tony Rebel & Queen Ifrica


Tony Rebel’s daughter Davianah has lashed against the Rebel Salute founder and his partner, Queen Ifrica, dubbing them “the two biggest hypocrites I have ever come across”.

She also alleged physical abuse at the hands of an ‘unnamed someone’ and psychological and verbal abuse because of her mode of dress.

In a particularly revealing Instagram post, the young singer lambasted the two veteran entertainers and declared that her levitra shop buy performance at the recent staging of Rebel Salute would be her final appearance on that show.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Davianah wrote what she says is her truth.

She says….

“I keep my mouth shut and I smile when asked about them because that’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s called loyalty even though they both discourage and degrade me every chance they get. I normally would be so discouraged by the things they do I would run away and try to stay away but I always wanted a career and they always mademe feel like a career in music without them was simply impossible” .

The post continued by saying… “But here is where I draw the line because you can come on stage and embrace me but assault me behind closed doors and, if it was back in the days when I could at least get a bills from you, but you see my father cut me off financially from I was 17 years old… I don’t dress to please you. I don’t and I never will…”.

She said she will expound more on the matter by releasing a 30 minute documentary dubbed ‘THE REAL!’ on February 19, 2019.