In an update on his ig story, darrio said, “it messed up wen u only true friend a instagram not even ago laugh at you dis time mi more sorry fi u n d mascot u become.”

Many persons on social media have been speculating that he was reacting to konshens’ recent lengthy post about a possible end to his marriage.

Konshens posted an epistle on his instagram yesterday thanking his wife for giving him the best years of his life, and mentioned that he has been suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression.

However, konshens fans was not too fond of darrio’s comment so they lashed out at him.

The zee called dario to hear what he had to say…


The last time we heard about a collaboration between the two artistes was 7 years ago with the release of the popular song,  “gyal siddung”.

So we asked darrio: are they still friends?


Darrio also shared some advice for konshens.

There has been mixed reactions on social media over konshens’ lengthy and emotional post.

As a follow-up, konshens shared on his ig story a couple hours ago that he has no fear of being judged for sharing his personal struggles with his fans online. He said his primary aim is to encourage other men to be more accountable in their relationships.