The rapper, Dababy seems to get in one controversy after another.

DaBaby allegedly called the police on DaniLeigh, the singer and the mother of the rapper’s child, during a fight between the two.

The rapper—whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk—appeared on Instagram Live on Sunday night where he recorded DaniLeigh, a 26-year-old singer, feeding their three-month-old baby while he asked her to leave his property.

It is unclear what exactly led up to all this, but at some point in the night, DaBaby started filming Dani trying to nurse the kid while in bed and seemed to be aggravating to the new mother.

DaniLeigh told him to stop and even tried putting a pillow up between them, which DaBaby seemed to swipe away so she can be in view of the camera. Eventually, DaniLeigh took over from her phone — and it shows the cops had been called.

Both Dani and Baby put out statements following the Instagram live interaction. DaBaby states that he would like to “swiftly remove” himself from the “hostile behavior” seen on the live. On the other hand, Dani’s statement explains that the two have been living together for 3 months and raising their child together. “Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go..mind u.. I have a new born child.”

The story continued today when, in a now-deleted Instagram video, the rapper claimed that he was never in a serious relationship with Dani. First of all,” he began. “Me and DaniLeigh is not together.” “Do I act like we’re together,” DaBaby asked his assistant, who simply replied, “No.”He continued: “Do I make it openly clear that we’re not together?” The assistant responded, “Yes.” “We are not going steady,” the rapper asserted. “Have not been. That’s not what’s going on…She does not live with me.”

In another video, DaBaby claimed she was “just” a side chick. Dani responded and said that was never the case.