D Angel on The Pink Rhythm


In a field mostly dominated by males, women have been struggling to earn their
International artiste turned producer, Delomar is making it his duty to pay
more attention and present more opportunities to female dancehall artistes. On his
new solo debut project, The Pink Rhythm, which focuses on and features female dancehall artiste
exclusively, both new and veterans. Among the talented group of 9 women
we have D Angel, who is no stranger to us, so the Zee caught up with Michelle
Downer to get her thoughts on this project.
We asked her, when you first heard about The Pink Rhythm and that it would
only feature females what were your initial
D Angel went on to tell us why she thinks that female dancehall artiste were not
given more of a greater push and platform…
We also asked her what has her experience been like so far working on a project
with just females…
In wrapping up we asked D Angel what was her ultimate hope for this project and