Some Jamaicans have expressed relief that there will be a reduction in the price of some chicken products sold by the Jamaica Broilers Group, effective tomorrow (August 18).

The company announced this morning, that $12.50 per kilo will be shaved off the list price of the brand’s Grade-A whole bird and mixed parts.

The company said the reduction is a result of improvements in global market conditions, including increased stability in the grain market, stabilization of foreign exchange, and reductions in containerized shipping costs.

With several citizens enduring economic challenges, many say they are grateful that one of the country’s biggest meat producers has decided to ease the financial burdens of Jamaicans.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has pledged to continue discussions which would see more reductions in the price of meat products.

In reacting to the Group’s announcement, Agriculture Minister, Pearnel Charles jr welcomed the price cut as it comes at a time when Jamaicans need it the most.