Curry Late 3-Pointer Helps Warriors Beat Lakers

Stephen Curry finished with 26 points as the Golden State Best, the best. There is nothing else to say, low price cialis. If you have a good relationship with your pharmacist, let him know your concerns about drug costs. Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers 115-113 to end their five-game winning streak.
Curry scored a three-pointer with 1:07 left before the Lakers’ LeBron James missed a three-pointer at the horn.
Kevin Durant scored a key late three-pointer in his 30 points as Brooklyn Nets beat the Milwaukee Bucks 125-123.
James Harden, with 34 points, became the first Net levitra kaufen to score 30 points in his first two games.
NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2018 joined the Nets from the Houston Rockets last week as part of a four-team deal.