Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser Claims She Was Not Physically Threatened


The rape accuser of American singer Chris Brown claims she was not physically threatened but instead she was under “great psychological pressure.”

Now, according to popular online blog, TMZ, the alleged victim’s lawyer Frank Serfati told the associated press Thursday (January 24) that his client “was not pressured physically” into having sex with Brown. She insists that “non-consensual sex” allegedly took place though, and that she was under “great psychological pressure” during the interaction. Serfati continued on to claim Brown “cornered her in a room that was locked” and that “there were forced sexual relations” with “only with men, older men, men who you imagine to be buff.”

While the investigation is still ongoing, Parisian authorities are having a difficult time believing the accuser’s story. She claims Brown brought her into a secluded area and raped her. She then says she left that room and was raped again in a second room. Finally, the accuser claims she left that room and was assaulted a third time. Police find it odd that the young lady was sexually abused three separate times and never tried to call for help, raise an alarm, or escape.

Chris was accused of violently raping a girl earlier this week in Paris. he was arrested and detained until police came to the conclusion that there was not enough evidence to charge Brown. Since then Chris said he plans to sue the alleged victim for defamation.