Yesterday, a woman claimed that she was drugged order viagra online and sexually assaulted by the singer.

The ‘Go Crazy’ artiste took to Instagram to clear his name and maintain his viagra 50 mg innocence. In the story post he wrote, “I hope ya’ll see this pattern of (cap emoji) whenever I releasing music or projects, “They” try to pull some real things”.

The woman, who is identified as Jane Doe, filed a $20 million lawsuit accusing him of drugging and raping her on a yacht in December 2020.

Jane Doe claimed to have met Chris on a Yacht near Diddy’s home on Miami’s Star Island. Upon arrival, Doe claims that Brown gave her two mixed drinks and then she lost consciousness and was raped. She buy levitra in india also claimed that she was instructed to take a plan B pill the next day, which she said she did.

Jane Doe is filing the suit for damages related to the alleged rape and emotional distress.