Celebs and Beryl


Yesterday, Hurricane Beryl, the fastest-developing category-five hurricane on record, affected the island, and many did their best to prepare for it.

This included our local celebrities. A few celebs uploaded videos showing how they prepared and their experiences during the then category-four hurricane.

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph shared with her followers a view from her balcony at the start of heavy rain and winds. She mentioned that she was praying for the safety of everyone.

Tanya Stephens shared a video of her cart at the supermarket, full of “essentials,” which included Haagen-Dazs Belgian chocolate ice cream, “Juju,” pita chips, Ding Dongs, cheese, eggs, and the “last Wonder Bread.”

Aidonia shared a video of his son Kenzo experiencing his first hurricane.

D’Angel was in a tussle with the winds. She had to move her vehicle away from the trees to a safer spot.