Cardi B shuts down her Twitter and IG accounts after clashing with fans about her not attending the 2022 finasterid generic uk Grammys.

Based on now-deleted messages that the rapper re-tweeted and responded to, some fans expressed disappointment that Cardi didn’t attend this year’s Grammy Awards, where she was nominated for best rap performance for “Up,” and claimed she had led them to believe she would be there.

“I’m deleting my Twitter On God I hate this fan base,” she tweeted before deactivating her account. “You dragging my kids cause y’all thought I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t ?”  

Cardi took to Instagram Live shortly after deleting her Twitter to elaborate on the decision, and explain why she got “irritated.” “Do I have any new music,” she asked. “Why would I show up with one nomination? And I lost it anyways, so you wanted me to go to the Grammys, [lose the award]…and me just be there smiling like, ‘That’s great, that’s great’” she said.