Cannabiz: Potential Business Opportunities


As the local “cannabiz” industry moves through the de-criminalized, special use to fill legalization, persons are already casting their vision towards the future and to what enterprises can be launched and maintained under such a regime.

Some may already be applicable even in the current space

Cannabis packaging and labeling. Ask any marketer: packaging can be just as important as product, especially in an industry that is growing more competitive by the day. Additionally, the cannabis industry has literally thousands of different products, so there is plenty of room for creativity and innovation.

Professional cannabusiness services. If you already have a profession — perhaps you are a marketer, PR professional, accountant, or attorney — you could decide to make your services niche by focusing on the cannabis industry.

Marijuana accessories. Bongs and vaporizers and dab rigs. Oh, my! Because cannabis has so many uses, selling accessories can be an entire business on its own.

Staffing services. Right now, there is a need for industry-specific staffing and recruiting companies that can help match cannabusinesses with highly-qualified employees.

Consulting services. If you already know a lot about the industry, you could consider offering consulting services to other businesses and startups. Many business owners are willing to pay big bucks for expert advice. This also includes the creation and maintenance of websites and social media presence/marketing for cannabis enterprises.

Themed Event planning. If event planning is your specialty, then you could create a business planning parties, festivals, trade shows, and other events in the industry. Even private events such as birthday parties and weddings are being done with cannabis flair.

Software development. When it comes to cannabis and tech, the sky is the limit. Tech startups ranging from marketing automation platforms, to app-based weed delivery services, to inventory and compliance software have already attracted major investment dollars.

Agtech solutions. Technologies, equipment, and supplies that assist in the production and cultivation of cannabis is another huge area of opportunity in the industry. Agtech will continue to grow as cultivators look to streamline and ramp-up their operations with increased demand.

Bed & Breakfast. offer a cannabis-friendly warm, social and safe location. They offer complementary gourmet breakfast daily, have a happy hour with cannabis appetizers, sweet treats and complementary beer and wine

 Security. For regulatory reasons, most cannabis businesses still have to operate mainly in cold, hard cash, and having that much cash on hand creates security risks. Minimizing or protecting against such risks is a viable opportunity.