The attorney representing Solid Agency’s Sharon Burke,  has requested that the statement made by Dancehall Star Popcaan, be retracted.
In a statement issued via the entertainer’s Instagram stories, Popcaan made several claims against Burke alleging that she attempted to “sabotage” his performance at the National Stadium in Kingston.
He also called out mentioned Shaggy in the process. However, Popcaan’s Lawyer Ron Young noted that his client was “understandably infuriated by the technical issues which shortchanged the Jamaican fans he loves to perform for at the highest level.”
Demanding a retraction, Attorney Isat Buchanan expressed that the statement be withdrawn within reasonable time, before litigation becomes the only recourse.
Meanwhile, we spoke with Attorney Isat Buchanan who says there has been no withdrawal of the statement, (yet).
He also speaks to the statement which may damage the reputation of the Agency’s brand.

He explains that though Popcaan has a right to freedom of expression, the concern lies within the context of defamation.

Attorney at Law Isat Buchanan.