Burberry apologizes after facing heavy baclash for rope Hoodie


Following an onslaught of public backlash, Burberry has become the latest luxury fashion brand to issue an apology for an item deemed insensitive.

The item in question is a peach coloured hoodie, which features a drawstring that undeniably resembles a noose.

CNN obtained a statement from Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti who expressed regret.

The show’s designer, Burberry’s CCO Riccardo Tisci, was adamant this wouldn’t happen again.

At this point, many people are wondering if these giant companies are enflaming the public for publicity reasons.

Gucci issued an apology earlier this month after unveiling a $890 sweater that resembled blackface.

Prada and Moncler were also under fire for several items that also bore a strong resemblance to blackface.

As a result, T.I. suggested all those brands were canceled while providing alternative black-owned brands for people to support.