According to the entertainer’s Business Manager, Mr Paul ‘Banky’ Giscombe, both his @grunggaadzilla and @1unogeneral official Instagram and Facebook pages have allegedly been hacked.

According to a message sent to the Zee from the ‘Desk of Bounty Killer’ via his business manager, Bounty’s social media pages were hacked by impersonators.

The message reads, “This message is for all my valued followers and Friends. Please be advised that my Facebook and Instagram pages have been hacked by impersonators using fake pages. These persons are pretending to be me and soliciting money on my behalf. At no time have I done business in this manner”.

The message further advised persons to not engage in any business with anyone on the page and reassured persons that the matter is being dealt with, “This is now a police matter. Please contact my Business Manager Mr Paul Bankey Giscombe to conduct business on my behalf”.

The Poor People Governor’s social media accounts have been the target of hackers in the past. In 2019, his @grunggaadzilla on Instagram was hacked and renamed “Enes Denier”, while in 2021, the artiste revealed that he was being impersonated. The impersonator reportedly used his likeness to send DMs to his female fans.