Boseman Final Photo 2nd Most liked on IG


The late Chadwick Boseman left an unforgettable mark on entertainment and culture. His performances in films like 42, Black Panther, and Da 5 Bloods will serve as artistic monuments for the beloved actor.

When Boseman’s family announced his passing from colon cancer on August 28, people around the world expressed sadness that a talented man was gone but also celebrated the 43-year-old Howard University graduate’s life and work.

The outpouring of love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe regular was personified by the over 19 million likes for the last photo on the verified Chadwick Boseman Instagram page.

According to the social media platform, that post which announced his death was the second most-liked IG post of 2020.

Portuguese professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo topped the tally with 19.7 million likes on his post about the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona.

Posts by Lionel Messi 16.4 million likes, Kylie Jenner 16 million likes, and LeBron James 15.5 million likes rounded out the Top 5.