Track legend Usain Bolt has announced that viagra england he has collaborated with Opus to release a book on his lifetime achievements.

The first edition of the book was recently released and was sold for a whopping £75,000. Opus is giving a fitting tribute to the track star by launching the largest and most luxurious book how to get cialis in their edition. It measures 60cm x 40cm while weighing 17kgs. There are 260 pages printed on lavish silk paper, comprising high-definition pictures of his career. They made it in a handmade clam-shell levitra kaufen presentation case as it comprises his iconic moments and achievements in his life.

Bolt now joins an elite group of stars who all have memorialised their achievements in a book. Music legend Michael Jackson, soccer club Manchester United and the late football legend Diego Maradona each online pharmacies uk selling levitra have their own book.

The Opus is a luxury limited edition book publisher that publishes books that features iconic personalities and teams in the field of music, sports, entertainment, and cinema.