Black British Jamaican Woman To Play The New 007 In Upcoming ‘Bond’ Movie


A black British Jamaican woman will play the new 007 in upcoming ‘Bond’ movie.

31-year-old Lashana Lynch, a “Captain Marvel” star, was introduced to “Bond 25” audiences as the new Agent 007. Her role in the new Bond film has been kept a secret, but according to, the rewrite of the script by English writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge will feature Lynch as the new 007. As fans of the James Bond franchise know, 007 retired to his life in luxury in Jamaica at the end of “Spectre,” and “Bond 25” opens with the same story.

Lynch will make her appearance as the iconic spy. The thinking is that if Bond is in retirement, it makes sense for the spy agency to pass his code name on to another agent, in this case, a black woman. Bond remains Bond, but now there is a replacement 007.