Beyonce raises middle finger to 2020?


Beyonce surprised her close friends and family this Christmas with a “hilarious and deeply sentimental” gift to commemorate the challenging year, a custom diamond necklace that spells out “2020” in the shape of a hand raising the middle finger.
The singer’s cousin, Angie, shared a photo of the necklace on Instagram.
“@beyonce gifted all of her girls with this amazing custom 2020 necklace,” she
wrote. “2020’ It’s a hand with a middle finger and the year 2020 combined into one. When I opened it my eyes teared up because it is both Hilarious & Deeply
Sentimental.” “2020 has had ups and downs but overall it’s been a really weird and tuff year. Hopefully 2021 is good to the world,” added Angie, while Octavia Spencer commented, “That necklace is the truth.”

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, was also the recipient of Bey’s tongue-
in-cheek gift, “I love this custom made necklace designed by Beyonce for our
Christmas gift”.

In an interview for the December issue of British Vogue, Beyonce revealed how the events of 2020 “absolutely changed” her. “It would be difficult to experience life in a pandemic and the current social unrest and not be changed,” she told the magazine. “I have learnt that my voice is clearer when I am still.”