The Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association (JATCA) has sought to clarify that traffic controllers did not take industrial action today (May 12), but had been constrained in providing services, given the state of the equipment viagra women infrastructure and risks which exist.


In a statement, JATCA noted that these risks are not supported by the documentation and standards that must exist for these services to be provided.

It said this is a long-standing issue, and one for which, there have been countless dialogues and numerous letters written by JATCA requesting that urgency be placed on the crisis being faced with the equipment infrastructure.

JATCA said its members have now received additional support by way of interim procedures, which enable workers to provide air which is better viagra or cialis traffic services, given the current crisis with the equipment being used.

This, JATCA explained, follows a meeting between JATCA, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) and the maintenance service providers.

JATCA noted further that the employees that provide radar services are being briefed in relation to new operating protocols and will resume duties immediately using these new instructions.

It said it has also been agreed between the management of the JCAA and the JATCA that in the upcoming week, additional guidance and improved maintenance protocols will be
provided until repairs on the affected equipment can be completed.

JATCA sought to explain that it has not yet taken any action, in relation to the ongoing wage negotiations, or the Public Sector Compensation Review.

It said the issues surrounding the Public Sector Compensation Review also impacted its members, and it has made submissions to the relevant Ministries in order to achieve a resolution.

JATCA said it advised the Ministry of Labour that it has a dispute with the Ministry of Finance and will take further action, unless there is a satisfactory resolution of all disputed matters within the coming week.