Activision Blizzard employees petition to remove CEO Bobby Kotick


Over 500 employees and contractors at Activision Blizzard signed and published a petition to remove cheap cialis without prescription CEO Bobby Kotick from the company.

In a surprising move, the petition goes on to list the names, titles, and departments of the workers, which could potentially expose the signatories to retaliation.

The petition comes days after a bombshell report alleging Kotick knew about, enabled, and even participated in a culture of misconduct and harassment that has drawn the attention of government authorities. In response, the company’s board of directors issued a statement saying it would continue to support Kotick, even as a small group of shareholders price of levitra demanded his removal.

This petition is the latest development in a series of worker-led actions against the company, which now includes two walkouts and the formation of an employee advocacy group.