The saga involving Meg Thee cialis discount Stallion continues to drag on!

Meg Thee Stallion is currently trending on Twitter after an alleged report surfaced online that claims that she was not shot by Rapper Tory Lanez, but stepped on glass and as with social media, the information got twisted.

The viral image that has been making its rounds on social media is from an initial LAPD report, not the final medical report.

According to a medical report obtained by Page Six, Megan first told authorities that she was “walking at a party and heard a loud noise and ran away” and she initially thought she had “stepped on glass”. After the shooting incident with Tory, doctors found three major bullet fragments after initial X-rays in both of Megan’s ankles.

Many who do not believe Meg took the opportunity to further scrutinise her story of events, “so did you get shot or nah”, another person wrote, “she going to hell for all dat lying”, while another wrote, “cancel her”.

The only way to get to the bottom of all of this is to wait for the trial, which is expected buy propecia without prescription to begin in September 2022.