The world is currently battling the Covid-19 pandemic, overburdening the global health system, while the latest social media challenge is on the verge of taking many to the hospital.

The dangerous “Milk Crate Challenge” started on TikTok and has so far spread across the world, especially the failed attempts that could land participants in the hospital and possibly the grave.

In the challenge, participants are tasked with climbing the milk crates precariously stacked in the shape of a pyramid until they get to the top before stepping down the stacked crates. Many of the attempts result in falls caught on video.

Videos of people hitting the pavement have caught the attention of many medical professionals, who are already battling the Covid-19 pandemic. A medical doctor from Mount Sinai hospital in New York told the Washington Post that “It’s perhaps even worse than falling from a ladder”.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has called the challenge the “bridge of death.” Our very own Dovey Magnum took to Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday to warn against it. “I pray my fellow Jamaicans leave this stupid…crate challenge ALONE!!!” she wrote. “We hardly have money fe buy food plus curfew measures, hospitals are in no condition for the additional hurt…!! Leave it…alone!!!”

Speaking of hospitals, we are already aware that the beds are already packed due to COVID-19. Doctors say they need hospital beds available for patients infected with the virus, and not people doing a viral challenge.