Earlier this week, American actor Marlon Wayans revealed that he and his brother Shawn Wayans came up with the hit 2004 comedy ‘White Chicks’ after looking at a magazine cover of the Hilton sisters.

Marlon took to Instagram to show appreciation to the Hilton sisters for being their inspiration by posting a picture of him and Paris and thanked her and her sister, Nicky, for being their muse.

Marlon recalled that Shawn called him around 3 am telling him that they should play white chicks, to which he responded by saying, “are you high”. The following morning his brother showed him a magazine cover with Paris and her sister Nicky on the cover and told him that they should play girls like this, at the time, the sisters were huge in pop culture.

In response to that post, the sisters both commented, Paris wrote, “Great seeing you last night. That movie was hilarious Af Love you too bro and yes let us know”. While Nicky commented, “Happy we could be a source of inspiration White Chicks 2?”

Ziptocrats, are you interested in a White Chicks 2 movie?