Jamaicans are in a celebratory mood following Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ announcement of new relaxed covid 19 measures that will see the reopening of the entertainment sector. Prime Minister Holness outlined the measures on Tuesday (June 22), as promised, while speaking in the House of Representatives.

The measures will take effect on July 1 and end August 11 and will focus primarily on two categories of events– small events with no more than 100 persons in total, including organisers and support personnel, and large events of over 100 persons.

Permits for these events will have to be received from specified government agencies, which will review and monitor as part of the government’s overseeing of the sector’s reopening. However, for large events like stage shows, church conventions, conferences or crusades, and related activities which are defined as having more than 100 people, Holness shared that organisers will be required to make an application to the Ministry of Entertainment and Culture and the Office of Disaster Preparedness.

The protocols were crafted by the Ministries of Health and Wellness, Local Government and Rural Development, and Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, working in tandem with industry practitioners.

Promoter, Kamal Bankay, who is also the Chairman of Dream Entertainment, has been advocating for the reopening of the industry, we spoke to him about the new measures…

The event will be on July 1 to celebrate World Reggae Day.