In a photo that has been circulating on social media since yesterday, shows dancehall artiste Tommy Lee in what seems to be his prison cell.

In the photo, you can see Tommy Lee standing next to an unnamed man who appears to be a visitor. While looking at the photo you cannot help but notice the background, which has fans and other members of the public in complete shock at the condition of the prison cell.

The cell looks completely dilapidated with red floors, a wall that seems like it has not seen a coat of paint in years and four concrete structures—two on either side of the room—that resemble bunk beds.

One person wrote, “a so jailhouse dirty?”, while another wrote, “then me could leave me nice clean bed to go live inna this, so no to badness people, outa road nice bad”, another said, “A so inna prison look? And still people a do things fi go sleep pon cold concrete”.

Tommy Lee, whose given name is Leroy Russell, was sentenced to three years imprisonment for illegal possession of firearm and two years for illegal possession of ammunition.

The sentences are running concurrently, so he will only serve three years.