Recording artiste Sizzla took to social media to call out fellow Rastas who’ve made headlines recently for the content they put out.

During a recent Instagram live, the ‘Holding Firm’ singer took aim at Rastas who live contrary to the Rastafarian faith. It is unclear who specifically he was throwing jabs at.

“You have some people wa have locks eno, and wear turban and black to eno and them a do some things wa make dem set a people de weh a foundation people disgruntled,” Sizzla explained to his Instagram Live audience. “You can’t de suffer and you never corrupt, you did clean, everything a gwaan good, you just no have no money, no big house and no pretty car, your reputation is well. And now as you rich you get corrupt and dirty and nasty? A Wa ya do?” Sizzla questioned.

“You see some a uno artiste weh a do tha likkle supm de weh no acceptable by the Jamaican nation, uno cut it out eno.” He said.