Dalton Harris: Life After X Factor


Season 15 winner of The X Factor UK, Dalton Harris described the last two years of his life as being traumatic and being punished for what he is good at.

Even though winning the competition was a great accomplishment for the Jamaican, Dalton said that it also came with negativity; even before he came out as a Pan-sexual earlier this year, the public had always questioned his sexuality.

Yesterday he tweeted, “Today marks two years since my X Factor victory, I am so
grateful for being alive still after what was the onset of the most traumatic two years of my life. But today I know I am more valuable than every Racist. Homophobic. Unfair. Prejudiced and Abusive person made me feel.” He continued to say, “Here’s to the status-quo. A Black. Foreigner. Pan-sexual. My identity is good enough for me”.

Dalton also encouraged persons who want to do music professionally to first think
long and hard before going in the Industry.