Lizzo on the cover of Vogue


Congratulations R&B artiste Lizzo, who graces the cover of Vogue for the first time. The 32 year old fronts the magazine’s October issue wearing a red Valentino creation.

Lizzo’s interview for the magazine with prize-winning poet and playwright Claudia Rankine (who, BTW, is Jamaican) covers topics ranging from Black Lives Matter and her musical beginnings to the body positivity movement, for which she’s been a torch-bearer since the start of her career. But according to the pop star, the term “body positivity” has been commercialized and appropriated to the point where it’s in danger of losing its meaning.

Now, you look at the hashtag ‘body positive,’ and you see smaller-framed girls, curvier girls. Lotta white girls. And I feel no ways about that, because inclusivity is what my message is always about. I’m glad that this conversation is being included in the mainstream narrative. What I don’t like is how the people that this term was created for are not benefiting from it,” Lizzo explained.