SkilliBeng smarter than we thought?


Dancehall artiste SkilliBeng emerged on the scene with his hit song ‘Brik pan Brik”, which is allegedly talking about scamming, but who would have thought that he has more CXC’s than most, did we judge him too quickly?

During an interview with the Content Kings back in July, Skilli revealed that he had multiple CXC subjects, “Mi have Maths, English, POA (Principles of Accounts) POB (Principles of Business), OA (Office Administration) English Literature, HSB (Human and Social Biology), IT (Information Technology)”.

Apparently over the last few days the video has been circulating around social media and was immediately flooded with comments,“So how them a gwan like a fully dunce people alone turn artists?” one person asked, another said,“Nice if music nah work out u have a back up big up u self”.

So we reached out to Skilli and asked him his thoughts on why people are so surprised that he has cxc’s, this is what he said…

we also asked him if he thinks that there is a stigma placed on artiste and that they are not as smart, take a listen…


Ziptocrats were you surprised to learn this about SkilliBeng?