Apology Accepted


Dancehall artiste Spice has accepted an apology from longtime rival Lisa Hyper.

The artiste accepted the apology yesterday with an Instagram post saying “Apology accepted ‼and I’d like to apologize to you too because, at the end of the day, the disrespect wasn’t one-sided. I can tag you now because I just unblocked you after 10 Big up yuh self, a public apology takes humility so I respect your bold move. Besides, we were younger and I know you were misled by a demon in human form in which I’m sure if our friendship had continued we would have been a greater force to reckon working together I have no contempt towards you, in fact, I believe you are extremely talented and I wish you great success in this male-dominated business. We both share something in common GAZAFILIFE.”

This comes after Lisa took to Instagram on Wednesday to publicly apologise to Spice, saying:

“Peace is better than war and the beef is going on for over 12 years and that way too long.”

Lisa says she apologised because they never had real malice and she wanted to put that behind her. The Zee caught up with Lisa Hype asking how she is feeling after that apology…

We also asked her how she felt knowing that her apology has been accepted…

Anymore hatchets to bury with other entertainers?

She also spoke about her new music.