Veteran singer Chaka Khan’s performance of the US National Anthem on Sunday at the 2020 NBA All-Star game had tongues wagging; especially on Social media.
Twitter users weren’t afraid to compare Khan’s performance to Fergie’s performance (considered the worst performance of the anthem to date) in L.A. back in 2018.
“Listening to Chaka Khan sing the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. That was brutal.” One Twitter user said.
“I love Chaka Khan and she is truly “I’m Every Woman” but it sounded like all of those women were trying to come out during that vocal performance.” Said another

Person’s on YouTube also added to the roast with persons commenting:
“I’m a set this as my alarm, ain’t no one sleeping through this” while another said
“Did she practice this? Or was she just chilling at the game and somebody said: Hey look it’s Chaka! Wanna sing the national anthem?”
One thing is for sure, this performance will surely be remembered.