Motorists using the Mandela Highway will no longer be able to turn directly from the highway onto Tom Cringle Drive as the median at the intersection will be closed permanently as of Monday, December 9.

The National Works Agency NWA said the median will be closed to improve safety and eliminate delays caused by the temporary traffic signals.

NWA Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw, said to access Tom Cringle Drive, the Ferry and Plantation Heights communities, motorists should simply continue along the Mandela Highway and use the overpass bridge and service road.

NWA also said that the Tom Cringle Drive intersection will continue to operate as a signal-controlled junction to maintain safety.

The agency further informed that the roadway leading directly from Spanish Town Road onto Washington Boulevard at Six Miles will also be permanently closed.

The closure is being effected to eliminate the unsafe manoeuvre from Spanish Town Road onto Washington Boulevard, which also causes significant delays to westbound evening traffic along the Boulevard.

As of Monday, to get onto Washington Boulevard from Spanish Town Road at Six Miles, motorists will have to travel onto the Mandela Highway and use the overpass bridge and service road to turnaround.

NWA said alternatively, motorists may use Weymouth Drive to access Washington Boulevard.