“Guyana govt spends GY$40 million on Buju Banton tickets”


Guyana’s Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has blasted the country’s Government for purchasing GY$40 million worth in tickets for Buju Banton show, with what he said was hard earned taxpayer’s dollars.

The money he stated was used to purchase 8000 tickets for the show which took place last evening at the Guyana National Stadium.

The cost for each ticket is GY$5000.

According to the Opposition Leader, he is not against the idea of persons going to such shows and having their recreational moments but slammed the Government and by extension, the People’s National Congress (PNC) for taking taxpayers’ monies to fund their political agenda, deeming the move a campaign strategy.

However, the PNC in response, denied that the monies were taken from the public coffers but stated it was in fact, the PNC’s money that was used to purchase the tickets.

They say the reason for the large investment was to allow persons the opportunity to be a part of such major events.

Buju Banton’s show titled “I am Legend” saw the Jamaican artiste as the main act, accompanied by other acts.