Koffee Remains The Survivor Out Of The 3 Newcomers On the Reggae Billboard Charts


Reggae artist Koffee is the only survivor out of the 3 newcomers she debuted with on the Billboard Charts.

As the Zee reported on March 26, three newcomers debuted in the top spots of the Reggae Billboard charts for the week ending March 30 and Jamaica’s very own Koffee took the number one spot with her ‘Rapture’ EP. The two others were 2nd place Analea Brown with her album ‘Queendom’ and 3rd place SowFlo with their album, ‘New Shoes’.

Last week Billboard Reggae Charts, Koffee’s Rapture fell back at number 3, while Analea Brown’s ‘Queendom’ went to number 4. However, SowFlo’s ‘New Shoes’ did not hold strong and was removed from the charts. Now this week, Koffee is back to the number 1 spot, while Analea Brown’s ‘Queendom’ is no longer on the charts.

The Green’s Black and White and The Beat featuring Ranking Roger with Public Confidential are the new number 2 and 3 respectively. According to the Jamaica Observer, Rapture sold an additional 208 copies last week, a slight decrease from the 214 it registered the previous week. To date, it has sold 866 copies.

So will Koffee continue to dominate the Billboard Reggae charts or will she soon join the fate of her former top 3 peers?