KSAMC explains reason for hold on permits for parties at it’s New Kgn parking lots


With the Easter upcoming party season around the corner, the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation,KSAMC, issued an advisory, stating that effective today, permits will not be granted for the staging of entertainment events in New Kingston Parking lots owned by the corporation until further notice.

These spaces include but are not limited to the lot behind the supermarket on St. Lucia Way, the lot at the intersection of St. Lucia Avenue and Grenada Crescent, the lot between Dominica drive and Trinidad Terrace and the lot on Grenada Way behind Pan Caribbean.

The corporation says event promoters and coordinators must not advertise these locations and are to comply with the order.

As to the reasons behind this latest decision, KSAMC Town Clerk Robert Hill explains to the Zee that this is due to lack of corporation from event promoters where garbage disposals and other issues are concerned.