There Might Be A Possible Koffee And Agent Sasco Collaboration


Will there be an Agent Sasco and Koffee collaboration coming soon?

This speculation follows an Instagram post published on Sasco’s account on Monday which included a photo of himself and young Reggae icon, Koffee. Sasco captioned the photo,

“Gratitude is must” @originalkoffee #GiveThanks – What’s the title of this collab?”

Instantly, fans gave song title suggestions with comments such as:

“Gratitude for the Banks of the Hope”

“Hope is gratitude”

“@agentsasco @officialkoffee Throne remix”

Ziptocrats, what do you think would be a good song title for a collaboration between the two? Also do you think that collaboration could possibly be a hit?

Agent Sasco is a veteran Reggae-Dancehall artist who has left impressionable tracks and hits since the early 2000’s. He has released 4 albums since 2005, with ‘Infiltration’ being the first, then 2007 ‘Gully Sit’n’, 2016 ‘Theory of Reggaetivity’ and finally 2018 ‘Hope River’.

Koffee has been making great impact as a young Reggae artiste since 2018 with her memorable singles, ‘Ragamuffin’ and ‘Toast’. She will be releasing her ‘Rapture’ EP on March 14 which consists of 5 tracks.