Bluugo Changes Stage Name To ‘Flyght’


The 2018 Magnum King of the Dancehall, Bluugo, changed his stage name to ‘Flyght’.

In an interview with the Zee on Wednesday, the artiste, known as Bluugo at the time of his win, said he was continually mistaken for Jamaican artist Bugle because of the similarity of sounds.

In the mean time, he explained the inspiration for his latest single titled ‘10z’.

Flyght also said he is working on several upcoming projects to release to the public.

Flyght, who once went by the name Bluugo, was the 2018 Magnum Kings and Queens winner. Since then, he has continued his musical path producing songs such as ‘Dr. Fix it’, ‘Who frighten Dem’ and ‘Pot Cova’.