‘Gunshot’ like sound effects cause panic at Eminem concert


Eminem caused panic among some fans at the Bonnaroo music festival when a sound effect which sounded like gunfire was used at the end of one song.

Concert-goers screamed and ducked, as a number of loud blasts rang out during the star’s performance of ‘Kill You’.

Speaking afterwards, some fans branded Eminem’s performance on Saturday as irresponsible, given the recent spate of fatal shootings in the US.

However, a representative for the star denied he had used gunshot effects.

The spokesperson said in a statement the effect used by Eminem in his set was a pyro-technic concussion which creates a loud boom.

The spokesman further stated that Eminem has used this effect – as have hundreds of other artistes – in his live show for over 10 years, including previous US festival dates, without complaint.

In one video of the set, a fan immediately dropped their phone upon hearing the sound effect, which was accompanied by a bright flash from the stage.

Another concert-goer at the event in Tennessee said they had been forced to leave the show because of the “panic”.