Miley Cyrus buys a VOICE contestant her dream home



A heart of GOLD is how Janice Freeman describes pop star Miley Cyrus. After mentoring Janice on ‘The Voice’, Miley bought her the house that she wanted…and this is after she put them up in an apartment and paid six months’ rent.

Janice took to Instagram Live, fully emotional, where she thanked Miley and referred to her as her “best friend” and that she will continue to defend and stand up for Miley.

In the LIVE Janice said “Miley, you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me, in my entire life, and I appreciate you…..You will have a friend for life and anything that you need from me, I am here, so thank you for what you have given me.”

Awesome is how the ZEE sees this.