4th Genna fans vs Selena Gomez



4thgenna fans want Aidona cheap levitra tablets to sue pop star Selena Gomez.

Here’s the story…

Selena Gomez has released her brand new comeback single entitled “Look At Her Now”. In a promo clip that’s been posted by the superstar celebrity, fans on Twitter are saying that she ripped Aidonia’s flow from his ‘yeah yeah’ single and used it in her song.

First Take a listen to part of Selana’s single.

Now here’s Aidonia’s

Meanwhile, Selena captioned the video, writing to her fans that “And here’s a special gift to my ride or dies. I created this especially for you. You all have been through it all with me and I thank you for pushing me to be the best. Look At Her Now is out on all major platforms”.