It is said that while waiting to give birth at the end of this month, Yendi Phillipps may have yet another reason to celebrate.

Reports are that the former Miss Jamaica got the public talking when she showed up for her morning television job sporting a very impressive piece of jewelry.

It is said that viewers of the show took to the different social networking sites to investigate if Phillipps and the father of her unborn child Daniel 'Chino' McGregor, had finally gotten engaged.

It is said that up to last week the finger was bare, however yesterday (Thurs. Sept 6) a new piece of jewelry appeared on her hand.

Reports are that the appearance of the ring has become a trending conversation where it was said that one person commented that she was purposely showing up the ring.

According to reports earlier this year in an interview, Yendi stated that she did not believe that someone has to have a wedding in order to experience marriage.  It is said that she went on to further explain that the bond between her and Mr. McGregor is strong and that they were already living in a delightful union.

It is said that during the summer, Chino also released a song dedicated to Yendi, entitled Miss Universe and was featured on Stephen McGregor's Bassline rhythm.

The song is said to have debuted just months after news broke in April that Phillipps was pregnant with Chino's child.

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