Rumours that actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant have been strong for some time now, with the press convinced that the actress is going to be having children with her current fiancé Justin Theroux.

This comes as recent reports when footage reported by an international entertainment channel suggests that the actress is showing.

But before you get excited, reports are that the actress, amused at the constant scrutiny surrounding her womb, teamed up with Smartwater to make up some burlesque home security tapes that see the star referring to herself as Rachel, and is “pregnant” with triplets.

Commentators on the video stated that this was a good move by Aniston, who in the past has found herself stressed by the constant media scrutiny on her life, and that the media’s constant attention is what led her and Ben Affleck breaking up in 2004. However, now older she seems to have a different outlook on life and is said to constantly be the first to laugh at herself.


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