According to international reports, it seems that rapper Kanye West is not one to be outdone by his girlfriend and that that unconscious competition extends into the field of the celebrity sex tape.

Sources say that there is allegedly a sex tape in existence that features a Kanye and a Kim Kardashian lookalike, and that Kanye is worried of the chances that it might go public.

If this true, then the public can be somewhat surprised, as he seems to be quite proud of Kim Kardashian’s own personal route to fame which was, sparked by her own sex tape getting leaked as it is said that he even rapped about it on a song from his recent ‘Cruel Summer’ mixtape.

It is said that if the man in the tape is confirmed to be Kanye, then it won’t be the first time that he has gotten himself mixed up in the usual celebrity antics.

In 2010 it was reported that, the amateur photographer in him decided to take a few intimate photos of his penis, whilst the professional risk taker in him decided it was a good idea to send the pictures to a few different women. It is said that the women then decided to sell the photos to various media outlets.


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