Cardi B and Offset Broke Up


Social media is not taking well to a break-up announcement made by female rapper, Cardi B on Tuesday.

Cardi, posted on Instagram a video clip saying she is no longer in a relationship with American rapper, Offset because they’ve grown out of love.

Some persons say they believe it’s just a publicity stunt or a prank. Meanwhile, some persons said Offset is a cheater because he was allegedly doing some inappropriate texting and facetiming with another rapper named Cuban Doll last week. Then the entire thing exploded because Cuban Doll was beefing with an ex-friend who spilled the beans!

Some persons did not support the break up at all and urged the two to ‘fix it’.

Offset commented under Cardi’s post “Y’all won”

Now the question on everybody’s mind is, what did we win? Did we win against the prank? Did we win in the success of the failure of the relationship? What did we win?

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