Travis Scott Denies Cheating Rumors!


American rapper Travis Scott has denied rumors that he is cheating on American TV reality star and his current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Travis posted a text on his Instagram story.

“Trolls always gonna create some fake ***** to destroy real love. Going overboard to make ***** look like is not, is evil.

 I hate acknowledging ******. but quit try to take joy from ****** that’s good.

I pray god blocks out all evil. back to celebrating”

This comes after a photo was leaked on twitter on Monday night. In the photo, it appeared to be a person looking like Travis, standing a bit too close to a woman dressed in just her underwear on a balcony. The caption on the photo said, “them done caught my boy Travis Scott slipping, smh Kylie ain’t phat like that.”

Even now, Kylie still hasn’t addressed the situation but instead kept uploading photos of her Christmas tree and throwback pictures to when her ears were pierced.